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Salman Khan, this name is enough for his millions of fans to shower love on him.
Salman Khan has such die-hard & devoted fans, that they celebrate his professional & personal life equally like any big festival.



This decade we have seen the megastar dominate the Indian Box-Office like no other star has ever done & probably no other star can ever do. But when you are at the top ruling like a King, there will always be few people those who envy your success.

Salman Khan too has many such people who are jealous of his tremendous success, that he has gained through his work of all these years. Well, Salman is someone who never bothers about such people because he believes that he has a loyal fanbase who will never fall to such false negativity.
But from past a year, there is a planned conspiracy going on against the megastar, which we believe is done by someone who was a part of Salman Khan’s staff & was fired by the Dabangg star.


Salman Khan starrer Race 3 which is all set to be released on 15th June 2018 has been facing a lot of planned criticism all over the social media.


Paid dislikes on trailer & songs, Negative articles & Paid trolls. All these stuffs are planned to bring down Salman Khan’s Goodwill & we have proofs to prove the same.

Last year Tubelight too witnessed many negative articles of it being called a Flop even before the release. Later during Tiger Zinda Hai there was a 2-year-old video circulated everywhere which encouraged a certain community to protest against the movie.

This year along with Race 3, Loveratri which happens to be a SKF production is also facing protests. And all this is happening because some people are planning a conspiracy against Salman.

This won’t affect Salman Khan, as he is too big a star to get affected. But all we want to say is, watch out for the people behind this conspiracy, because the day Salman Khan decides to teach you a lesson, there will be no place to hide & no one to save you all.

Written by – @ibeingdevil__