When ‘Messenger’ Turns ‘Warrior’ – What’s New In Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s ‘MSG’ Part III

‘Messenger’ Turns ‘Warrior’ –  Know about Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s ‘MIMG-20160906-WA0000SG’ Part III

It’s undoubtedly a deadly moment for the Box office when it knows
who’s returning to tear it apart! Yes, it’s none other than the
spiritual leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim, this time with the 3rd installment
of ‘MSG’ franchise, entitled ‘MSG: The Warrior’

Reportedly, directed by the Dera chief and his daughter Honey Preet,
‘MSG: The Warrior’ will have Gurmeet Ram Rahim as the protagonist and
he will be seen playing the role of a warrior who fights social evils.
The movie is set for a September release this year.

Actually, Spiritual leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim had entered the
entertainment world in 2015 with the controversial ‘MSG The
Messenger’. In 2016, he came back with MSG-2 The Messenger. And as per
Hakikat Entertainment Pvt Ltd. both movies earned over Rs 500 cr.

Well, after the super success of ‘MSG The Messenger’ and its sequel
‘MSG – 2 The Messenger’ film fanatics had been excited to witness the
spiritual leader to come up with the 3rd one, and accordingly once the
trailer of ‘MSG: The Warrior’ released on Twitter on Sept 5, it
started trending, and remained for hours as a trending subject.

Needless to say, Gurmeet Ram Rahim with his massive following will
blow the Box office up as he did the same twice before.

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