WATCH: Aamir Khan’s Body Transformation from 97 kgs to six packs

Aamir Khan is playing Mahavir Singh Phogat In Dangal. As per the character demand he gained 28 kilos in five months to look like a father. And then he made a Six Pack. This journey to 98 kilos and back will surely inspire everyone in many ways.

Perfectionist Aamir Khan, went through a huge body transformation for his upcoming film Dangal, he said it was one of the most dramatic ones in his career. He said in the event, “I would like to mention that putting on weight and losing it so fast is very unhealthy. I did it for my film under the supervision of experts, but it is very unhealthy for any regular person. He also said that his doctor suggested not trying such drastic weight and body transformation in future.


UTV shared a video, In the video, it also features nephew Imran Khan and wife Kiran Rao with son Azad. Aamir Khan is feeling That natural look reflects on your performance. one cannot get that from a bodysuit. He had a hard time while undergoing the weight gaining and weight loosing. “I ate everything that I was not supposed to eat otherwise. I had samosa, vada pav, chocolate, cakes, brownies. I indulged in everything. Then when I had to lose the weight, I had a very different and difficult diet of 25 gms of upma and papaya. After gym, a glass of protein shake,” added Aamir.

The biopic, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, will release on December 23.

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