Superstar Salman Khan Celebrates Birthday of Bigg Boss Jallad on Tubelight Sets : See Pics

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan Celebrates Birthday of Bigg Boss Jallad on the sets of his upcoming movie Tubelight

You may not even know his name but he, Angry Jallad, is one of the most loved characters in Salman Khan‘s reality show Bigg Boss. Recently, this Bigg Boss Jallad was found celebrating his birthday, and with none other than the megastar himself Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss Jallad whose real name is Chintan Ganger celebrated his birthday with Salman Khan on the Tubelight sets. Jallad aka Chintan shared pictures from the birthday celebration via his Instagram account. In the picture, he can be found standing right beside Salman Khan with utmost greatness. Bigg Boss Jallad uploaded the photo from his birthday celebration and revealed how much thankful he is to Salman Khan being with him on this special day. He also informed that he could celebrate his birthday on the sets of Salman’s upcoming movie Tubelight and it was the “Biggest Gift”. Jallad or Chintan wrote

Salman Khan with Bigg Boss Jallad Chintan Ganger



“Salman Sir (Love you) at sets of Tubelight. Love you Salman Sir. This is for birthday with you. Biggest gift for me. Really out of the world. Love you. Speechless”.


Another picture that came from Bigg Boss Jallad’s birthday celebration in which Jallad himself can be seen with his birthday cake, and ‘Tubelight’ written on it.

Bigg Boss Jallad Chintan Ganger


Earlier in an interview Jallad revealed how Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss changed his life. “Playing Jallad in Bigg Boss was the turning point of my life. Salman Khan saw my first act and he was very impressed and here I am with Season 8 too”, said Jallad aka Chintan Gangar.

Chintan reminds of how biggest superstar Salman Khan has been a Godfather for him and the moment when Salman was with him in his previous birthday. Loved Jallad added, “Salman is very supporting and am very proud and lucky to have a Godfather like him. He encourages me a lot. He supports me in everything I do. Because of him, I am doing this show. I have never seen a person like him. He is very good person will full of understanding. Also, few days back he celebrated my birthday on the set of Bigg Boss.”


Well, it’s clear now how beautiful bond Salman and Bigg Boss jallad shares with each other. However, Salman Khan too almost ready to celebrate his birthday, today is the first day of the month December. On December 27, Bollywood’s biggest superstar Salman Khan will celebrate his 51st Birthday, while his fans are excited and have already started preparing for the biggest and grandest festival.

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