This superstar’s Leading lady wants to be back in relationship with him but his current girlfriend stands rock steady!

Superstar’s leading lady wants to be back in relationship with him but his current girlfriend refuses to give a way!



The superstar has always been remained as media’s favourite gossip topic for his past relationships. Looks like his whimsical relationship status now has become a much like headache for his rumoured girlfriend. Ever since the star has started working on an action film with his ex flame, the situation has worsened. The girlfriend who is in a relationship with the actor for years. She has been stayed possessive about him right from the beginning. At certain point how could she keep her calm seeing his man getting closer to the woman who dramatically used the superstar for her career and dumped him after the job done. After the superstar’s chapter being closed, the ex went to another star in search of a serious relationship and things between them was happening much like some Disney fairy tale till the boyfriend dumped her midway.


Now when the ex chooses to work with the superstar, it is never so hard to understand that she finds no problem in him.


Now she would often spend beautiful words on the superstar and deliberately or not leave the signs of their increasing closeness with frequent whispering in front of everyone and exchanging pecks in front of media personnel. Easy to understand the ex is exposing her eagerness to move in with the superstar again. And these are causing the girlfriend sleepless nights.


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Currently the ex couple is shooting in a foreign land and the possessive gf cannot get over it. She always calls the super-star for the littlest of help and he’s always there for her. In past too, the girlfriend was present on the spot when the superstar was shooting a film in a remote locale for few days.


The current lady love is a singer, TV anchor and foreign beauty who loves to be self dependent. She is said to be a lovely soul and welcomed with arms wide open by the superstar’s family. At this stage the eligible bachelor could find himself in a dilemma. As both his past and present are waving at the same time. Well, what fate the trio holds tomorrow, time will tell better, certainly.

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