Social Media Offended With Her Latest Magazine Cover Yet Again:

Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra) the dad’s little girl, landed in a controversy recently.

Getting in to the news:

This happened when she recently posed for a magazine cover.

She was wearing a T-shirt in which it had words printed like –
‘Refugee’, ‘Immigrant’ and ‘Outsider’ crossed with line in red while the word ‘Traveller’ is not crossed.

Check out the magazine cover:-


Now this hazardous words can be interpreted in a lot of ways. but Many social media interpreted it in an offending manner. They are saying that Pee Cee is portraying the plight of refugees and immigrants by comparing them to a luxurious travellers.

This went viral across the b-town A centres.
And there is a Another time when Priyanka Chopra faced cyber-bullying previously. This was also over a magazine cover. when she appeared on the cover of a leading international magazine when many trolled the star saying that her armpit was photoshopped.

Like this now-a-days this actress is landing in many controversies!! Donno whats so wrong with the social media who are making unnecessary speculation statements.lets see what troubles her mostly in coming days.


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