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Shocking Deal Between Raees Producers And Online Trade Website??

While many controversial articles are coming about manipulation in collection of Raees and Kaabil, another shocking revelation is freshly made. It came to hear that there a deal between Shah Rukh Khan‘s production company Red Chillies Entertainment and a well known online Bollywood business related portal was done, after the portal agreeing not to reveal the actual numbers that Raees made in the first weekend (5 days) on their website. It is quite strange as it is to you but if reports coming from the faces close to Box Office business are believed it is true. And whatever they claimed seem apparently logical, we will tell you why.


Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment has been always there, whenever the topic of manipulating actual Box Office collections of a film. In past, Red Chillies Entertainment was found questionable in giving the producer figure of Chennai Express and Happy New Year. Box Office numbers that the trade analysts provided and producer gave varied at a large range.


Chennai Express Lifetime Box Office Collection




Trade figure 208.44 Crore

Producer figure 226.70 Crore



Trade figure 395 Crore

Producer figure 420 Crore


Happy New Year  Box Office Collections




Trade figure 181.27 Crore

Producer figure 202 Crore



Trade figure 336.64 Crore

Producer figure 383 Crore


Now for Raees again, Red Chillies Entertainment is at question point. If sources could be believed then the actual 1st day box Office collection of Raees was approximately 16cr. If we go on making a scrutiny of day wise Box Office numbers of Raees, we will find no manipulation is made for first weekend (first 5 days). All starts from first Monday (6th day) and it is when producer figure and trade figure start to vary, from 25-30% and a manipulation of 2-3 Crore is made each day. But on the second Friday (10th day) the difference between trade figure and producer figure is sky-high and the numbers what Raees producers have shown are double than the figures shown by trade analysts.


Raees Box-office Collections Are Real Or Fake??


Raees Box Office Collections – Trade Figure Vs Producer Figure


First Weekend


Day 1:

20.42 Crore Producer Figure

20.4 Crore Trade Figure


Day 2:

26.25 Crore Trade Figure

26.3 Crore producer Figure


Day 3 Collection:

13.11 Crore Producer Figure

13.1 Crore Trade Figure


Day 4 Collection:

15.61 Crore producer Figure

15.6 Crore Trade Figure


Day 5 Collection:

17.75 Crore Trade Figure

17.8 Crore producer Figure


Second Week


Day 6 Collection:

6 Crore Trade Figure

8.25 Crore Producer Figure


Day 7 Collection:

5.25 Crore Trade Figure

7.52 Crore Producer Figure


Day 8 Collection:

4.5 Crore Trade Figure

7.1 Crore Producer Figure


Day 9 Collection:

4 Crore Trade Figure

6.25 Crore Producer Figure


Day 10 Collection:

6.6 Crore Producer Figure

2.75 Crore Trade Figure


Raees Total India Collections


128.96 Crore Producer Figure

115.55 Crore Trade Figure

13.41 Manipulation


In the clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil, the screen counts were  to be 50-50 for both films but ultimately  Raees’ screen count was around 3000, Kaabil got only 2300 screens. It’s assuming that Shah Rukh Khan is currently going through a low phrase of his career. His last 2 releases (Dilwale and Fan) failed miserably at Box Office and as an outcome of this pressure, as insiders believe,  Shah Rukh Khan might have thought revealing the trade figure on a popular portal would affect the business of Raees. And the reason why, it is believed,  he is playing such dirty games as strategies for his films like he did last time against Bajirao Mastani.

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4 thoughts on “Shocking Revelation about Raees Box Office Collections

    • Truth

      ooh really the truth is Srk is biggest manipulater he manipulated Chennai express,The Due to clash with Bajirao Srk start loosing stardom then they manipulated Dilwale & same thing they did with kabil vs raees clash & I can bet Srk will not able to cross 200+ if his solo release

  • Another View

    Raees started manipulating the collection because kaabil were manipulating the collection since day 1 and at day 5, as per kaabil producers figure it is more than raees collection which is wrong…so to correct this mistake Raees had to manipulate…but after 5 days they stop giving numbers cos kaabil manipulation was too high for raees to manipulate with…
    I don’t blame Raees for doing this…cos for the audience they will read box office numbers declared on websites. Not all people make research on the internet to know the truth…
    Shame on kaabil for begining this game…and i excuse raees for doing the same for 5 days and i respect them more because they stopped giving figures later on…
    So instead of highlighting the subject on raees manipulation..u should have said that kaabil started it first. I know that noone should manipulate..but sometimes, u will be obliged to save ur image at a certain range….