Shahrukh Khan to launch Karan Johar’s autobiography

Shahrukh Khan going to launch Karan Johar’s Autobiography An Unsuitable Boy

Karan Johar’s much talked autobiography ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ has finally readied to hit the stands. As per the sayings from the printing house, Bollywood fans has got a lots to read, candid and shocking confessions inside bollywood from the ace filmmaker. This autobiography book is yet to be officially launched in an event. The event is all set to be held in Mumbai tomorrow. The autobiography is co-authored by Poonam Saxena. This Autobiography will be launched by Karan Johar’s closes friend None other than Shahrukh Khan.

Karan Johar Wrote entire chapter On Shahrukh Khan in His autobiography:

An Unsuitable Boy includes most of the interesting chapters from lives and times of Karan. He mentioned about his clashes with his close friends like Kajol Devgan and Kareena Kapoor Khan also. He even talked about his hesitation of joining the industry and a whole chapter only about Shahrukh Khan.

Karan Johar went on writing about his clash with Shahrukh Khan in his autobiography, It starts something Like this, Have a glance: “When two people are so close. When they have done six feature films together and then haven’t worked together on the set for a while there is bound to be a gap. That is the way the industry is. Shahrukh Khan is a very possessive person. He is a possessive friend. I think I may have hurt him when I made a film without him. And I think I got hurt because when I did, I felt he didn’t give me that paternal or fraternal feeling that I had from him otherwise. I think we were two hurt friends for no reason,There was a simmering silent, respectable distance between us. But, there is also an equal amount of love and affection we have for each other. That’s never going to go. He can ask me for anything and I will do it… There is a big layer of love and respect still, and no one can come in the way of that.”

There is more such shocking statements and sentences in the book, Wait for the release of this book and read it for goosy candid confessions.

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