Shahrukh Khan reacts on Vadodara Incident

Shahrukh Khan embarks on a train journey in style yesterday, which we bet you all loved the experience. we generally see Bollywood stars usually travel for film promotions to be in touch with their fans and audiences from several cities. Shahrukh Khan yesterday visited the capital of  the nation to promote his next release Raees but in a slight different manner. Putting an end to the regular pattern and schedule of reaching the airport, boarding the flight and landing in the city, makers of Raees along with Shahrukh Khan traveled in the train and promoted their next film Raees.

Shahrukh Khan reacts on Vadodara Incident

Shahrukh Khan’s train journey from Mumbai to Delhi is one of the memorable events indeed. Millions of fans waited at several stations to catch a glimpse of the Raees star while he was on the train. But, an unfortunate sad incident took place in vadodara. someone suffered a cardiac arrest at Vadodara railway station. The person was the uncle of one of the journalists who was travelling with Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan feels sad for the train incident

When Shahrukh Khan was asked to react about this sad incident, he stated, “One of your colleagues, she was travelling with us and uncle came down to see us at Baroda and suffered a cardiac arrest. This is very unfortunate because this kind of journey where we spent time with each other and one of us loses someone, it saddens us all.” Shahrukh Khan further added, “Blessings and our prayers are with the whole family. She has reached there and I spoke with her. I think we have some of our people with her family members there. Hopefully, Inshallah, god will bless his soul.”

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