Shahrukh Khan left Star Screen Awards in mid-way

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan recently hosted a award show with huge enthusiasm and utmost joy.
they have set the stage on fire. Star screen awards became a dias for the two khans Shahrukh and Salman who took to the stage after a long time to co-host a single segment on the single stage. It may be parties, or it may be awards shows or it may be social media, the two khans do not miss a chance to shower each other their friendship and love. Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan co-hosted the awards night and according to the sources, it was one exciting night.
And everything didn’t go that well as expected. Shahrukh khan left the award show mid-way. we enquired why! A source told to a leading daily, “The show will be aired on December 31st so Shahrukh khan and Salman khan were to do a segment for the New Year at the end of the show. They were to do some act on a tractor also. However, Shah Rukh Khan left before that and Salman Khan hosted that part alone. It is not clear why he left but it was after the main awards – Best Actor – was announced. Wonder if he was upset that he didn’t win any award.

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