Shahrukh Khan gets Candid; Speaks about 2017

Like every star Shah Rukh Khan is also looking forward to the new coming year of 2017. The much loved, Global star has a movie coming in January, Raees. It will see Shahrukh khan in the role of a kingpin of liquor mafia and this is much awaited.

In a recent interview with a tabloid, Shahrukh Khan opened up about his life and desires, in this process he also spoke about his plans in 2017. Shahrukh Khan mentioned that he is learning cooking and music now-a-days.

Shahrukh Khan said, “My family used to own restaurants previously. I’m learning how to cook Italian food  now– I can make pasta, risotto and tiramisu right now. but what I really wanted to do is serving people, and making sure they’re well fed and there belly is full. I’m building a new kitchen so I can cook more. I also want to learn to play the guitar well. A few years ago in Spain, I bought two really expensive guitars – one for me and one for my son Aryan. I told him that we should learn to play together. The good thing is he’s pretty good.  Abram, my three-and-a-half-year-old, is musically inclined too. If I ever do learn the guitar, we could have our own boy band.”

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