Salman Khan’s latest message to his fans will prove why he is the most loved superstar!

Why Salman Khan is so popular among the youth and has a crazy fan following than any other star!


Salman Khan is a superstar with a humongous worldwide fan following. And the superstar’s affection for his devotees is not hidden. So often Salman calls these fans as his biggest strength along with his family to stand by him in every situation he had been. Much like a guardian, he has always something didactic to offer his fans.


As he advices them from time to time to concentrate more on career than wasting time on social media and indulging in ugly spats. And the Tiger Zinda Hai actor did the same thing again in a recent counter with a group of fans. We had to bring to story that published in a tabloid to you. And it would speak volumes why Salman Khan is ‘Bhaijaan’ and most loved superstar of the country.


So here it goes


“Salman Khan stepped out for an early morning jog at Bandstand in Bandra. And his security team was by his side. A group of young fans spotted the superstar and came towards him to ask for a selfie. But Salman’s entourage intervened and shooed them away. They shouted “Salman Bhai, ek selfie” but his two guards said ‘No’.


Salman was concentrating on jogging and continued on. He did two rounds of the promenade and then he noticed something. His fans were now sitting on a bench, passing around a cigarette and sipping beer. The sight did not please the superstar. He jogged up to the group, who were shocked when they saw Salman Khan, their idol.



Salman told the boys that smoking and drinking are bad habits which will do irreparable damage to their body. The fans were listening in rapt attention. And they then stood up and dumped their alcohol and cigarettes.


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What happened next was surprising; Salman Khan clicked a selfie with each one of them. And then the superstar continued on his way.”


One may argue that how a man with so many controversies can be didactic and inspiring at the same time. He might have his own points. But it is not deniable that Salman Khan is the man who has been inspiring the youth to take up a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.


Furthermore his NGO ‘Being Human’ makes millions fans to assimilate a philanthropic aspect of life. The NGO helps the unprivileged by providing education and proper health care. Here a good amount of money comes from the fans who regularly shop from ‘Being Human’ stores and support the cause of their idol.


Having absorbed “Be good, do good” as his life mantra, Salman frequently features in listings of the most influential people in Indian culture. And in 2015 he ranked ahead of US President Barack Obama in the list of The Most Admired Personalities of India.

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