Salman Khan will play a father to 3-year girl in his next movie

Salman Khan had a bambarding year in 2016 with huge success in the form of Sultan. And now Salman Khan will be coming with a bang in the upcoming year 2017 as well. This year released film Sultan, His performance were widely appreciated by both the audience and critics alike. In a recent interview with a leading tabloid, Salman Khan was asked a question that if he would be comfortable playing someone’s dad onscreen.

Immediately with confidence, Salman Khan said, “I played a father in Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai in my 30s itself. And  after long time again in my next film, I’m playing the father to a 13-year-old girl. It’s a film about dancing. Like the Hollywood Step Up fflm ranchise. I’m going to be a properly trained dancer. You all know how painful that is. Sultan was also so difficult. I had to lose 18 kg’s of muscle. I’m not into diets. I eat home food. And I don’t eat for taste. As soon as I’ve got my proteins and carbs, I leave the table. So, to lose 18 kg’s of muscle was the most difficult thing on the earth. But I’ve always believed that effortless hard work should be seen onscreen. And that’s what I’ve been doing from Wanted to Sultan. I don’t see myself doing character roles. So what if I’m 51? Stallone is still Rocky and Rambo at 70. Filmmaking is the most beautiful industry. We sell dreams. Why shouldn’t I live mine?”  With this, it looks like Salman just confirmed his next film.

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