Salman Khan Supports PM Modi’s Decision


Salman Khan Speaks about PM Modi’s decision of currency change.


We all know that, On November 8 2016, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a bold decision and announced high denomination notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 will no longer be a legal tender in the nation. Modi made this decision to fight against black money holders, fake currency notes and corruption in the country.
Recently Aamir Khan spoke about it and supported it in a song launch event by saying “What people are facing is a short term problem, it is important for India. I’ve no problem even if it affects my film.” Shah Rukh Khan also tweeted about this issue and fully extended his support to the demonetization of currency. Now After the two Khans, it was Salman Khan’s part now to speak on this issue. Salman Khan also supported the demonetization of high denomination currency notes.
During the 2 day weekend episodes of the famous TV reality show Bigg Boss season 10, salman khan spoke on this issue. Salman Khan said, “Iss hafte kaale dhan par dhanaadan vaar padi. It is a fantastic move and hats off to Modi Ji.”
He broke the news to the contestants, who are unaware of what’s going on in the outside world. Interacting with the BB Season 10 contestants.

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