Salman Khan Spending His Time With His Nephew

Salman Khan with Ahil

We all know how much Salman Khan loves his lovely sister Arpita Khan Sharma’s little son Ahil. Seems like salman khan is having great time with his nephew all the no-shoot days. And now especially it appears Salman’s lucky bracelet is also playing a key role in the happiness in Salman Khan’s home.


Arpita recently shared pictures of her baby boy Ahil in instagram and showed us how the cute little boy spent his Sunday. He is seen chewing his mamu’s bracelet, it was very adorable. It seems the youngest member of Salman’s Khan’s family, Ahil is loving playing or rather chewing Salman Khan’s signature silver coated bracelet.

Arpita shared a series of pictures and shared with us the things how Ahil is enjoying his mamu’s company. The pictures show Ahil enjoying himself with the famous bracelet.

Arpita captioned to one of the images as, “Parental guidance required….Everything should not be going in the mouth. Just when I left him I got these pictures …Mamu @beingsalmankhan & Masi & Mausa @atulreellife spoiling him. Monster in the making!

The things he does when I am not around @beingsalmankhan” the other captioned photo was also posted. “Oh no …. & it goes on ! And it continues this is how he spent his Sunday !” further captions read.

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