Salman Khan Is The Bigg Boss : The Main Reason Behind Super Success Of Bigg Boss

What made Bigg Boss the most popular TV show?


Bigg Boss season 11 is all set to go on floor from 1st October. Viewers all over the world keenly follow this reality show including many Indian celebrities. The question is what makes Bigg Boss, the show, so big & popular apart from the concept it has? The answer is “Salman Khan”.



When you rope in the biggest star of the nation, as the host, the show is bound to witness super success.
Before Salman Khan, the show already had 3 seasons with 3 different hosts & the TRPs were in the range of 2.50 to 2.90. As soon as Salman Khan joined in the 4th season the TRP jumped to 5.50, and that growth was humongous.


Since Salman Khan’s appointment as the host, the average TRP of Bigg Boss has been in the range of 3.50 to 5.50 & he deserves the entire credit for the show’s success. The Sultan of Indian Cinema has also been awarded as “The Best Television Host” several times. He is also the Highest Paid Personality Of Indian Television & that in itself is a huge statement, as he is the biggest star of the nation.


It won’t be wrong to say that Bigg Boss is successful because of the Biggest Boss of Indian Cinema ” The Salman Khan” !

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