Salman Khan Inspires Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan Takes Inspiration From Salman Khan. Kamal Haasan To Host Bigg Boss Tamil Version.

Worlds one of the most controversial show Big Brother’s Indian version is BIGG BOSS. Now its reached up to 10th season. At One point it was the country’s most viewed show. Bollywood Biggest Star Salman Khan is constantly hosting Bigg Boss show since last few years. Salman Khan became the whole and sole reason for many to watch Bigg Boss show.

Now news is that South star Kamal Haasan is gearing up to make his debut into television. After Salman Khan’s successful popular collaboration with Bigg Boss Hindi for the past 6 seasons, Kamal Haasan now has been roped in for Bigg Boss Tamil.  Kamal Haasan recently confirmed the big news. He said “Yes, I am doing Bigg Boss in Tamil. I’ve tried many different roles in various capacities as an entertainer but never as a host on a television show. Reality television is so far not a reality in my career. I want to see what it feels like. This will be the first time Kamal Haasan will be seen as a TV host on any medium on Indian screen.

The Similaritiess between Kamal Haasan and Salman Khan have already begun on social media.  On asking Kamal Haasan about this, he said, “Salman genuinely bonds with the contestants on Bigg Boss. There is no pretension or patronising in his attitude. Being friendly comes naturally to him. And he gives advice as a friend, not as a mentor. I’d also like to bond genuinely with the contestants, though how it goes will depend entirely on how they perceive me, as a friend or as a mentor.” ”


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