Salman Khan about his fight with Shah Rukh Khan in Koffee With Karan show

“When you come to same level, people brainwash you”: Salman on his famous fight with Shah Rukh Khan in Koffee With Karan’s 100th episode.

Salman Khan recently appeared in Koffee with Karan 100th episode and yesterday it got telecasted. In the 100th episode we saw Salman Khan opening up about his famous fight with Shah Rukh Khan. The two superstars, who are good friends now, were on a deadliest fight for many years due to a misunderstanding that they now feel, was so silly.

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Salman Khan said, “The fight was not a fight actually. The people around us talk and then it raised. Families met, his wife met, his children met but We both were busy and didn’t meet. In the press it was showcased as a clash. We have grown up together. When you start off, you are the best friends. When you come to same level, people around  you brainwash you. Same is the case with Aamir Khan. I liked Akshay Kumar, have done two films with him. We will say hi-hello once in a while. He is dedicated and hardworking. Ajay Devgan is a fabulous guy. I love Sanjay Dutt. There is Suniel, Jackky. We don’t meet but we are all friends.

He added, “When dad and Javed sir broke up, he called all of us (salman khan and his brothers) and said – we used to work, now we don’t. But whenever you meet him or Honey aunty or Farhan Akthar or Zoya Akthar, you should have the same respect. These small things don’t matter. Even with Shah Rukh Khan, things didn’t change for them. I told them that the equation shouldn’t change.”

Well thats a quiet open hearted talk from Salman Khan.

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