Ram Gopal Varma Announces 340 Crore International Film

Ram Gopal Varma has announced the details of his upcoming 340 crore film and Amitabh Bachchan is excited by the news.


Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film, Sarkar 3 starring Amitabh Bachchan is still in the making. its been shooting quickly, but it looks like Ram Gopal Varma is already gearing up for his next biggest venture in his career, indeed biggest venture in India till date. This is going to be a international project worth huge rupees 340 crore. The film titled as NUCLEAR.

NUCLEAR is a futuristic imaginative war driven story that revolves around much talked ‘Third World War’. And as soon as RGV announced the film details, the congratulatory messages started flooding in. Few minutes back Amitabh Bachchan took to Twitter to congratulate Ram Gopal Varma for bagging this greatest huge budget big international project.

In a series of tweets Ram Gopal Varma announced his gigantic venture.

He tweeted: “My 1st international film to be made at a cost of 340 cr is NUCLEAR. For details http://www.cmaglobal.in  #RGVNUCLEAR


Nuclear to be shot in America,China,Russia,Yemen nd india with American,Chinese,Russian and Indian actors #RGVNUCLEAR”: RGV continued.


and then he added,  “NUCLEAR starts after I wrap Sarkar 3 and tie up on other films started too http://www.cmaglobal.in   #RGVNUCLEAR (sic)”

On this Sr.Bachchan tweeted, “T 2435 – RGV (SARKAR) doing International project . BAAAADDUUUUMMMBAAAAAAAAAAA !! very deserving and about time .. congratulations Ramu!”

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