Raees Censor Report : Run Time and Reviews by Censor Board

Raees Gets U/A Certificate from Censor Board with 6 Cuts | Raees Review by Censor Board | Raees Film’s Runtime

Just 2 days’ test of patience and Raees will hit the big screen. Before the release, you must have wanted to know a few facts about this Shah Rukh Khan starrer action flick, right from the censor report or review by the censor board’s members to its length or run time. So we are glad to inform you that you have come exactly to the right place. And all these informations are given below.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Gets U/A Certificate from Censor Board with 6 Cuts

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film Raees has been passed successfully the test by Central Bureau of Film Certification (CBFC). Raees is given a UA certificate with no visual cuts and six verbal cuts only. A source close to the CBFC told, “They granted Raees a ‘UA’ with six verbal cuts and those cuts were not abuses.”

No Visual Cuts for Raees

Ritesh Sidhwani, the producer of Raees is relieved with the verdict given by censor board. He says, “I am happy no visual cuts were made. We were asked to make some audio changes and add a disclaimer. So overall, we’re pleased with the censor’s verdict.”

Raees Movie Length or Run Time

Well, the duration or running length of SRK‘s Raees is 2 hour 22 minutes, i.e. 142 minutes, which is actually a perfect longevity for a massy entertainer.

Reviews of Raees by Censor Board Members

Despite having violent content, Raees impressed the Censor Board members and got positive reviews. The film, apparently, is a retelling of the life and crimes of a well-known gangster-turned-politician in 1980s Gujarat. It has some aesthetically executed action scenes, which could have been a cause for concern for the Censor Board. However, CBFC found the violence as integral to the theme of the movie and not in the least offensive.

A source nearer to the Censor Board informed, “Shah Rukh Khan plays a ganglord, but doesn’t utter a single expletive. It is amazing how much he respects the aesthetics of his family audience. The Board members praised Shah Rukh for keeping the dialogues clean even while acting out his business.”

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