Raaz Reboot review – Emraan Hashmi steals the show !

StarCast – Emraan Hashmi , Gaurav Arora , Kriti Kharbanda
Director – Vikram Bhatt

Genre – Horror

Story – The fourth edition of Raaz series takes us to Romania, in a city named Transylvania. Yes , It’s Dracula country. Instantly, you want to look out for empty eyes and bloody fangs and many more . Instantly, you are all prepared to shiver and shudder.

Rahaan (Gaurav Arora) and his pretty wife Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda), and a shadowy blast from her past , her ex Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) spend all their time talking about: ‘kya raaz hai’, ‘kuch toh Raaz hai’ , ‘kahin toh kuch raaz chupa hai’, ‘yeh raaz hamein alag kar dega’, over and anon .

Yes , there are moments which are meant to be scary , which are blood flowing from objects, whispers from a drain , painted faces with empty eyeballs. And these scenes will successfully scare you . And many of Bhatts’ own previous outings with creatures who make animal noises and scale walls.

There’s an evil spirit around, declares a ‘psychometrist’. A soothsayer goes into hysterics. A priest invokes the name of the lord. The one thing that saves the good guy and destroys the bad one is drumroll, an ancient ‘mantra’, and the power of a good wife.

Emraan Hashmi once again gives his best performance , he nails his role as a creepy, stalker-ish ex-boyfriend act as he follows the girl all around everywhere in the city and keeps telling her that he believes her , as her house is haunted.  The funny moment is when the car breaks down right near a hotel called Transilvania . And Emraan seduces the girl in typical fashion.

To be honest, Raaz Reboot is not a boring movie . Overall this movie is Interesting and a must watch if you love Emraan Hashmi and Horror movies .

Direction – 3.5/5

Dialogues – 3.5/5

Story – 3/5

Music – 4/5

Visual Appeal – 3/5

Overall – 3.5/5

Raaz Reboot Collections Update –

Raaz Reboot collected ₹ 6.30 cr. on Friday India biz . Best in single screens/mass circuits [North especially].

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