Priyanka Chopra is Now UNICEF’s Newest Global Goodwill Ambassador : Read What She Has to Say

Priyanka Chopra is Appointed As UNICEF’s Newest Global Goodwill Ambassador

It’s definitely a proud moment to Indians when the thought comes to mind that an Indian lady, actress Priyanka Chopra is now UNICEF’s global Goodwill Ambassador.

Footballer David Beckham and British  child actress Millie Bobby Brown announced PC Chop’s appointment as UNICEF’s newest global Goodwill Ambassador at a grand event, held late Sunday night to celebrate 70 years of the world body’s children’s agency.

“My wish for children is freedom. The freedom to think, the freedom to live,” Priyanka Chopra said, addressing top UN diplomats, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors and children at the event.

“I, we ask you to join us today to become the collective voice of the oppressed children across the world in our fight against the injustices that they have to endure everyday,” the Quantico star added.

Priyanka appreciated the efforts made by UNICEF on shining the light on children and bringing awareness that “we are seriously endangering our future, which is our children.” “…Let’s choose humanity, let’s choose to act now, let’s choose to fight now and let’s choose to ensure a better world for our children, their children and the generations to come,” PC said.

Well, Priyanka Chopra was joined by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors Ishmael Beah, Beckham, actors Orlando Bloom and Jackie Chan.

“Along this decade old journey, with UNICEF, I have been on many field trips to villages and centers across India. On those trips, I spent time with numerous young girls and their families and experienced firsthand the transformative power of empowering young girls with opportunities that are rightfully theirs. Together, with my fellow, dedicated ambassadors, I am now proud to stand with UNICEF to help build a world where children’s rights are respected and protected,” Priyanka Chopra expressed.

On Chopra’s appointment as UNICEF’s newest global Goodwill Ambassador, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake said, “Priyanka Chopra is already a champion for India’s children — and as a UNICEF global Goodwill Ambassador, she will be a force for children and adolescents everywhere.”

Well, the Baywatch actor didn’t forget to thank Beckham and Brown for welcoming her into the UNICEF’s international family. “Thank you David Beckham and Millie Bobby Brown for inducting me into the UNICEF global family. Always delighted to meet like-minded people who believe that there is humanity left inside in us after all,” thankful Priyanka tweeted.

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