Paid Filmfare: Shocking revelations made by Bollywood superstars about awards being sold for a whooping amount of money

Paid Indian awards: Money can buy you awards, reveals Bollywood actors

Filmfare Awards, no wonder, is one of the most prestigious awards in Indian cinema. It holds a number of glorious records of Indian cinema over years, decades and centuries. But as said, everything has two sides, one is bright and the other is black. Over years, Filmfare has been criticised for not being unbiased towards its award giving to those who actually deserves them. Making the controversy further, many famous faces from the industry on several occasions have made shocking revelations about Filmfare Awards being sold and bought with the supreme money power.

Rishi Kapoor admits to have bought Filmfare Award for “Bobby” for a fair 30000 rupees

This is really shocking when one of Indian film Industry’s veteran and talented actors reveals something like this. Rishi Kapoor exposed the fact the awards like Filmfare could be bought even at his time. In his autobiography, titled “Kullam Khulla“, the fine actor admits that he bought his debut Filmfare award for Best Actor for his film, ‘Bobby’, for ₹30,000. 30000 wasn’t a small amount at that time at all.




Social media bashed Filmfare Awards committee being fixed


This year itself, Twitterati exploded with jibes at Filmfare Awards committee charging not for nominating deserving actors as they didn’t pay money. It happened when Manoj Bajpayee (Aligarh) and Akshay Kumar (Airlift) were not nominated for the Best Actor award at the 74th Filmfare Awards ceremony.


Akshay Kumar exposes that he was offered awards in an exchange of money

Khiladi Kumar also made surprising statement about awards committees being paid an his interview to television anchor Rajat Sharma on his show “Aap Ki Adalat“.

“It happens sometimes that the people from the award night call you and tell you that if you perform their then they can give half the money and give an award as well. I tell them that they can give me complete payment and keep their awards with them. My fans have never stopped giving me rewards in form of their love and support and that is what matters,” says Akshay.


Shah Rukh Khan reveals that he had even paid to win awards

Bollywood’s one of the biggest name SRK himself opened to have bought awards with money being so desperate for it. In Rajat Sharma‘s “Aap Ki Adalat”, Shah Rukh said, the incident happened during SRK’s initial days, when he was not a famous star. The Raees actor was nominated for Baazigar, and he was so desperate to get the Best Actor award that he went on to the editor and offered him money to get the award. His plea was then and there rejected and later Shah Rukh confessed that it was a disgusting thing done by him.

Well, on social media, we often see different fanbases fighting with each other defending their favourite stars and bashing the opposite ones. Among these, the rifts between Shah RukhSalman fanbase are so popular. In their arguments, the amount of awards, so often or not, play a crucial role. While SRK fans laud their idol for having the most number of Filmfare Awards, target Salman Khan for having no Filmfare Awards for Best Actor. We don’t know who is right and who is wrong but when so many big names have revealed these awards being fixed, how can one rely on the validity of these awards anymore? Or use it as a weapon in arguments? One more thing, when Shah Rukh himself confessed that he tried to bought awards once, is it really not possible for him to pay for some more awards again? Wouldn’t the question quite naturally hit one’s mind? Yes, it would definitely.

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