This married superstar’s physical relationship with a younger actress is raising questions!

This married superstar’s one night stand with a younger actress is new hot gossip topic: Guess who?


The world of glamour is a colourful illusion. A number of things that a person from workaday life would think twice about are considered to be quite normal here. And one of such things is physical relationships and one night stands. While few open up over this issue, few others choose not to spend any word. Lately wcame across this interesting blind item on a tabloid. It talks about extramarital affair of a married Bollywood superstar with a much younger actress, almost the age of his daughter. Read it below and see if you could guess the dramatis personae.


Sexual relationship of a Bollywood actor with with a much younger actress

So here it goes :


“While the superstar does have such encounters with some of the actresses, his image in the industry is that of a family man. And though he is often linked to actresses his age. This one with a girl almost his daughter’s age (not literally) has sent across the paedophilic vibes! And no it is not just the superstar who is to be blamed!


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The much younger actress, often praised for her bold choices, was equally smitten with this married superstar. And was more than happy to give him company! Obviously, she gets to boast the next day that she spent a night with the superstar. Those close to the actress and the actor aren’t surprised with all that has transpired between them. And instead have hinted that the two have moved on since then! The superstar is just another senior for this young lady. Who is also rumoured to have the hots for another senior actor, from whom she has ‘learnt’ a lot.”


Well, the star’s conjugal life has always been in news and lately the new one night stand episode just added another feather to it. Wise to mention here that the actress will be seen sharing screen space again with the superstar for a couple of upcoming films.

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