Kaabil Moves To Morning Slot, Clashes with Raees 2

Now-a-days if 4 members sit together they are gossiping about the trends of  Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Vs Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. Day by day the buzz is increasing. It had reached to the new level now. First Rakesh Roshan announced that Kaabil will release a day before Raees release, but then Ritish Sidwani the producer of Raees said that he will release the film on 25th January shifting the clash to a day ahead.

Both the films were set to release on January 25 with Raees hitting the theatres in the morning and Kaabil opening later in the day. But now Rakesh Roshan announces that Kaabil too will open with the first show of the day which starts at 9 am in the morning. “My distributors have decided that we should also strike with Kaabil at 9 am so we will move accordingly” Rakesh Roshan revealed to the press officially.This is the latest shuffle in the Kaabil-Raees box-office clash.

Both big films were set to clash over the Republic Day weekend.both the parties are going neck to neck to show the upper hand in the clash. There was supposed to be a difference of a few hours between the releases of the two films. While Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees was slated to hit the theatres on January 26th morning, Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil was about to release on 6 pm onward on January 25th.  Now we have to wait to see, Whether Kaabil stick to its evening slot and let Raees release a few hours earlier?

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2 thoughts on “Kaabil Moves To Morning Slot, Clashes with Raees

  • Confidential

    Rakesh Roshan ki fat raha hai literally.ego m maintain karne k liye to shift nahi kiya date.abhi srk k marketing strategies copy kar Raha hai. Beta Rakesh, baap k satj pange nahi lete.

    • Inder jit chopra

      Ye SRK ki bhasha boli hai aapne. Sab sanskaron ki baat hai aur kuchh nahin. Kuchh ethics ki bhi baat hoti hai. Agar SRK theek tha tou Rakesh Roshan ko molne kyon gaya tha. Ye aap jaise logon ne hi SRK aur SALMAN jaison ko arrogant banaya hua hai.