If Salman Khan Agrees Rajnikanth is Ready To Do a Film Together – Robot 2.0 First Look Launch Event

Akshay Kumar is the hero of Enthiran 2.0 says Rajnikanth at the first look launch event

As per the schedule, the first look of Robot 2.0 unveiled this Sunday amidst the most possible extravaganza. The megastar himself Rajnikanth, the villain character Akshay Kumar, leading lady Amy Jackson, director Shankar, music composer AR Rahman, filmmaker Karan Johar as the host and superstar Salman Khan as a surprise package were present in the Enthiran 2.0 first look launch event, held in Mumbai.


Hours before the first look launch event Akshay Kumar revealed the look of villainy Dr Richards whom he is going to essay in the upcoming thriller 2.0. The Housefull 3 actor took his Twitter and Facebook handle to unveil his evil avatar, captioning

Robot 2.0 Movie poster


Evil has a new face! #2Point0 #3Diwali2017 #2Point0FLLaunch


“I have never put on make-up in 25 years of my career. But in this film I have done all the makeup of 25 years. It took me three hours to put it on and one hour to remove it,” opened Khiladi Kumar while talking about the process of how his look for the character of Dr Richards is set into action.


The biggest and most unexpected factor of the evening was Superstar Salman Khan’s surprise visit to the first look launch event to greet Rajinikanth and Akshay. There were rumours that Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan were to be the present to be as guests at the event, but nobody would have expected Salman to drop in at the venue and meet the South legend.

Salman confessed that he wasn’t invited to the event. He had just heard that Rajinikanth was coming, so he rushed to the event out of his respect for the Kabali star. “I just wanted to meet Rajini Guru, he’s the most amazing man. I have a lot of respect for him. I wasn’t invited. I got to know that the launch was happening so I have come.”

While talking about the first look of 2.0, and his old friend Akshay, the Tubelight star remarked, “I loved the teaser. Akshay is phenomenal. He is the only actor in Bollywood among all of us, who has shown growth and only he could have done this role.”

Robot 2.0 Movie Poster

While asking on the possibilities of seeing both biggest megastars, Salman Khan and Rajnikanth together in a screen space, the Thalaivar added, “If Salman agrees, then I am ready to do a film with him tomorrow”.


Rajinikanth is also seen all praise for the character of Akshay, calling Akki the hero of 2.0, “Akshay is the hero of the film, if I was given a choice I would have done Akki’s role.”


The 2.0 first look itself has already created much hysteria in the Internet. Directed by Shankar, the action flick to release on Dilwali 2017.

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