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 Krrish 4 Will Be High On Action!!!

The producer/director Rakesh Roshan of the successful superhero franchise Krrish who is working on the script for the next installment of his superhero flick ‘Krrish 4’ has revealed that the sequel ‘Krrish 4’ will be high in action and VFX.

Yes you heard it right the upcoming movie of Hrithik Roshan, Krrish 4 will be high in action and VFX says director Rakesh Roshan in a recent interview. In which he said that currently he is working on the script and after completion of the scripting he will start shooting for it.

Krrish 4 movie poster

Krrish 4 movie shooting starts in May or April 2018??

As Rakes Roshan said in latest interview the next instalment of his superhit superhero movie ‘Krrish 4’ might go on floor in May or April 2018.

Here what Rakesh Roshan said

“We will start shooting next year in April or May, Or may be in 2018. It’s a huge project. We need to work on VFX and that too in our budget. But it should be appealing enough for audience,” Rakesh Roshan

Latter he added that the movie should be up to the mark and that’s why he will be hiring international VFX and action director for the movie and the actions will be never seen before.

The idea of making a sequel to the Krrish series came to Rakesh Roshan’s mind when his wife showed him the “Ganesh idol’ dressed in Krrish suit. Read the full story here¬†

While the previous parts of this franchise were highly appreciated and successful movie the director hoping for the same this time.

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