Hrithik Roshan About Koffee With Karan Season 5

Hrithik Roshan speaks about appearing on Koffee with karan Show:

There is one and only boldest and also the most loving chat show in Bollywood. This talk show airs on Star World India every Sunday from the start of the season to the end of the season. The best episodes will be played as a single episode on the last Sunday. This show also telecast on other channels of the same network like Star Plus and Star One. The show is well known for its fresh and witty style, only opted by a set of urban audiences. It wont be so appealing to the B C centre audiences. Yes absolutely you are so right, we are talking about Koffee With Karan chat show.

Hrithik Roshan On Koffee With Karan Show:

From Shahrukh Khan to Salman Khan, each and every mainstream Bollywood celebrity atleast once have been on this Karan Johar’s couch. At an interview today, Hrithik Roshan was asked by the media persons, that whether he’ll be a part of this season or not and if he attends with whom. His answer to this question was, “Of course, we are planning but can’t say anything. Let’s see.”
Earlier, it was reported that this Kabil actor will be seen with Katrina Kaif, but all the rumours were stated as false alarms as Katrina Kaif came with Anushka Sharma on this show. Now, it’ll be interesting to see with whom Hrithik Roshan will grace the couch.

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