Emraan Hashmi’s Raaz series comes to an end with Raaz Reboot !

Yes , It’s official that Raaz Reboot will be the last part of Raaz Series !
So it turns out Raaz Reboot starring Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora,  will be the last of Raaz Franchise. Now the makers have decided to call it a day after 14 years and give an end to the horror series once and for all. It was one of the most successful series of the Bhatt camp. While talking about Raaz franchise , Mahesh Bhatt stated, “This series, which has nourished and sustained us for 14 years, has finally come to its glorious end. Raaz Reboot is by far the finest human take that has been woven into the horror genre by director Vikram Bhatt.”

Vikram Bhatt directed the first, third, and now the fourth part of Raaz Series , how each of the installments had something new to offer. While the first part was about the reality of marriage, the second one was about the evil within human psyche and how it manifests itself, the third one was about what happened to people who never gave up on fame and now the latest one is about how secrets become the enemy of love. Each of the parts despite being horror movies they always had a human approach to the subject. Mukesh Bhatt goes on to reveal how this franchise not only provided them financial support but also gave them credibility as a banner.
When Talking about the lead actor Emraan Hashmi , Mukesh Bhatt said , he has been associated with the Raaz series right from the beginning, first as the assistant director of Raaz and then we went on to star in the consecutive parts. This time, he will star opposite Tollywood actress Kriti Kharbanda. One appealing aspect about the latest installment is its scenic locales. The entire movie has been shot in Romania, but unlike Raaz 3, it will follow a 2D format. According to Emraan , it was a nerve-wracking experience shooting for this film . Emraan is very excited about the audience’s reaction to this one as they have taken horror to another level. Produced by Vishesh films, Raaz Reboot is all set to release this Friday .
So, how excited are you for the last film of this horror series? We wish, they end on a great note, giving horror a whole new meaning yet again just as they draw the curtains on the franchise.

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