Bigg Boss 10, Day 36: Lopa Pole Dance: Day 37, Gaurav And Bani Smooch

Bigg Boss 10, Day 36: Lopamudra Raut Pole Dances To Impress Sunny Leone In The viral video task.

Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 was quite interesting. The contestants are seen busy in making their videos to save themselves from this week’s eliminations.Team Lopa contains Lopamudra,Manu,Mona,Rohan,Om ji.

Lopamudra raised the temperature with her sizzling pole dance as part of the task in the Nominations-Viral video task. And later in the evening everyone in the house chears cheers Mona by arranging a surprise on the eve of her birthday. Process initiated by Manu.

During the breakfast, Om Swami irritates Bani by asking her to prepare a second dish for him for breakfast. Gaurav attempts to play peacemaker, but Bani lashes back at him feeling that he is siding with Swamiji. Then as sunny leone initiates the viral video task and then team Lopa vs Team Bani takes place. at the end of the episode there was 1-1 equally on the scoreboard.


Bigg Boss 10, Day 37 Sneak Peak: Gaurav And Bani Smooch; Lopa And Mona With Omji In The Bathtub once again.


In tonight’s episode, catch the viral videos being created in the kitchen and bathroom.

Team Lopa videos displays a fight between a housewife and servant over their husband. On the other team Rahul Dev from Team Bani imitates Swami Omji. Rahul (as Swamiji) is being interviewed by a reporter (Bani).

in the Bathroom Video set, it gets interesting. Lopamudra, MonaLisa are seen along with Om ji in the bbath tub and Gauran-Bani trys to smooch.

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