Being Human Side Of Salman Khan 5

Salman Khan’s Charitable and Philanthropic Instinct That Has Made Him “A Golden Hearted Man” over the Years


“We only have what we give” & Salman Khan has Being Human & he gives his heart out to help others. Salman Khan does not try to be perfect but is an excellent example of Being Human. One often hears that he started Being Human to cover up his bad image, which is definitely untrue. Salman was all set & eager to start Being Human way back in 1997. He started the ground work and had begun donating as well, but the court cases and further controversies made it impossible to do so. Finally he started Being Human Foundation in 2007 & there has been no looking back since then.


The foundation does not ask for donations but raises most of its funds from royalty from the sale of Being Human merchandise. In 2015 in one of his court trials, he even warned his lawyers not to bring up the “Being Human Charity” in his defence, which says a lot about this Gold Hearted Man.


Salman Khan doesn’t just entertain, but also empowers. His choices of films as well as humanitarian endeavours are based on one principle; that he wants to help others and do something that will not let him fade from people’s memories. “Being human is all heart & a lifelong process, To be truly human is a gift”.

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5 thoughts on “Being Human Side Of Salman Khan

  • raj arya

    well said by you vignesh shetty bro! there is many positive things about Salman khan is unknown and negative things about him spread by media always! media never show real side of salman because they are only wants TRP

  • mohsin Khan Mkd

    BhaiThere is no one like Salman Khan in this world, and Salman’s heart is very beautiful, he helps everyone, so Salman’s is also called the Golden Heart Man.

  • Profesh alam

    Salman bhai
    Can you please help me we need your help your support please help us as humans. My father is physically handicap and mantelly challenged we have lots of financial problems and also education I am belongs in a very poor and privileged families. I am a student, we need your help your support please help us.