Before death Arjun Kapoor’s mother made her last call to Salman Khan: What she exactly told him?

Arjun Kapoor’s mother called last time to Salman Khan before she died: Here’s what she exactly had to say

It is nothing hidden from anyone that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan‘s unimaginable contribution set actor Arjun Kapoor‘s path to Bollywood. The Tubelight actor was the first and only person that sought the locked abilities in a 140 kg heavy, ugly looking person and made him believe that even he could become a successful actor. From sweating in gym to working on body language, personality and dialogue delivery, Arjun underwent through a confidence boasting long training period under Salman’s observation. The reason why the Half Girlfriend star considers Salman Khan as his Godfather and in random events and interviews credited his career to him and for being where he is today. But did you know that Arjun Kapoor’s mother made her last call to the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor while she had been counting the last minutes on her death bed!

Actually, Arjun’s mother Mona Kapoor who breathed her last on March 25, 2012 was well aware of how Salman’s contribution made Arjun believe in his abilities and made him shine in life. On the hospital bed, she came to realise that she didn’t have much time and probably she would not get another better chance than this to leave a thanksgiving note to Salman Khan. So, she called up the superstar and thanked him for everything he did for her child. It was the last call she made.


In an interview recounts Arjun,

“The last call my mother made from the hospital bed was to Salman bhai. She knew about her condition by then. She thanked him for me having become an actor because of him. He told her that he would take her abroad but within a week, she passed away.”

Arjun continues,

“He came to the funeral. Till he had come, the media was standing almost on top of the pyre. But he came and ensured I got some privacy. When he came home that day, it was the tightest hug I have ever given him.”

“He (Salman Khan) was my friend, my father-figure, older brother, everything at that point. He was an older brother I never had and he made me realise how important it is to have an older brother.”, the 2 States actor adds.


At the same time, Arjun goes to some extent

“The one thing that I love about him, and aspire to learn from him, is how he has never changed. People around him have changed but his success and failure never affects him. His box office records never bother him. I was with him for four years and have seen him through many good and bad films. He is a regular guy who is as moody as all of us with bad and good days. He listens to you, is understanding and has an elephant’s memory.”

Arjun Kapoor’s mother always wanted to see her son on the big screen. But not everything in this world can be fulfilled and she died of cancer on 25th March, 2012 and Arjun’s first film Ishaqzaade released until it was 11th May, 2012. However, she must have had a little happy death having talked in the last minutes to the person whom she believed, in Arjun’s words, “My mother always said Salman is godsend”.

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