Amaal Malik Accused Mithoon Of Copying His ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’ And Mithoon Replied The Same Way : Amaal Malik – Mithoon Controversy

Amaal Malik Mithoon Controversy

Copying a song and later call the plagiarism a mere ‘inspiration’ isn’t a new thing for Bollywood music composers, and in that case Pritam is undoubtedly the most accused one. And something alike happened and music composer Amaal Mallik took to Facebook post to accuse composer Mithoon of copying some parts of his song, ‘Main Rahoon Ya Rahoon’ for the latter’s latest single, ‘Ab Alvida’ with singer Shraddha Sharma.

On October 9, Amaal put a Facebook status and accused Mithoon of “Directly lifting the melody of his antara” and went to claim for “an acknowledgement”. In his Facebook post, the ‘MS Dhoni The Untold Story’ music director wrote,

“With due respect to one of my favourite composers Mithoon, I love you and I always will, but I dunno why you had to directly lift the melody of my Antara(Stanza) from one of my most famous and heartfelt compositions #MainRahoonYaNaRahoon. You have given such wonderful hits, I’m really honoured that my work has inspired you here, but this sounds more than just an inspiration. How about an acknowledgement sir?!”

Amaal Malik Accused Mithoon of copying His Song

And a backfire happened to Amaal’s post, fans reaction ranged from horrified to angry to some saying it might just be coincidental to some call it “Amaal Malik’s cheap publicity stunt”. In an exclusive interview Amaal Malik told, “I was affected because ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’ is a tribute to my grandfather, and I am very attached to it. I tried calling Mithoon a few times and wanted to clarify, but there wasn’t any response. So I took to Facebook, as I was simply expressing how I felt,” he further added that he has no rivalry with Mithoon.

“He has given some wonderful music to this country and the world and it’s a shock when something like this comes from his direction. It’s sad that it was his manager who in turn almost accepted on his behalf and commented under my post stating that it’s slightly inspired. A simple one-on-one conversation to rest my uneasiness on the issue, would have sorted things,” says Amaal.

“I stand up for what is right. I call a spade a spade. I have the right to my opinion. Let the audience be the judge and they will be better at deciding who is right. If I was to stay silenton such issues that stare at us right in our faces, then I would be a victim. I believe in working hard and honest. Rest is all water under the bridge,” says Amaal Malik, who calls plagiarism an age-old problem in the music industry.

So as per Amaal Malik, “I tried calling Mithoon a few times and wanted to clarify, but there wasn’t any response”. And Mithoon who kept silence over the controversy finally opened up and gave a reply to Amaal’s accusation the same way. Mithoon issued a statement on his Facebook page and without naming Amaal, said,

“Just wrapped up the background score of Shivaay… I also caught up on some news about a few notes of a bar from my song sounding similar to another. This is my tenth year in the industry and my body of work bears witness to my credibility and originality. Composing music is a very sacred space for me and I believe that if I do music without integrity, it will be just adding to the noise. If anyone feels there ismore to this, they should explore the legal route.”

Mithoon's Facebook Post

So, while Amaal Malik got offended by Mithoon’s ‘Ab Alvida’, Mithoon seems to get enraged at Amaal’s accusation of copying his composition and is in no mood to take it gently and instructs Amaal straight forwardly to explore the legal route, denying he will not go for “an acknowledgement” as Malik aspires.

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