Aamir Khan In Bigg Boss ?

I’m not going on Salman’s Bigg Boss 10 to promote Dangal Says Aamir Khan

It has been a trend since more than a decade in bollwood,that is to promote movies on reality shows. Many celebrities make their way to popular reality shows and create some chatter and some entertainment ultimately drawing attention towards them, there by promoting their upcoming films. Be it Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan, every actor leaves no stone unturned in promoting their movie.

However, for Aamir Khan, it’s different. He said that he will not be going on television to promote Dangal. He said, “I’m not going on TV.” He stated that the promos and trailers will be shown. When asked about Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss, Aamir said “I’m not going on Salman khan’s show, Bigg Boss 10 also.

Will Salman Khan promote Aamir Khan’s Dangal?

Last year, there were few speculations and a bit more rumours that there are things not cold between Salman and Aamir. there was a cold war between Salman and Aamir according to those rumour spreading guys, but that was soon washed away after the PK actor praised the Bajrangi Bhaijaan Actor’s performance in Sultan.
and now Aamir Khan, at Dangal‘s event today, said “I’m not going on TV. the promos and trailers will be shown.” And he added “I’m not going on Salman khan’s show, Bigg Boss 10 also.” Lets see the things after this.


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