5 Reasons Why Tubelight Will be best film Of Salman Khan

Saying that one particular movie will become biggest grosser of a star’s career, Or Predicting that one film will be best film in his career is always a much anticipated issue. If we see in the recent times, the films which released during the Eid weekend or Films that released during the Christmas ruled the box office and emerged as the highest grossers of that year. And now regarding the reasons why Tubelight will be the best film in Salman Khan’s career, Read below:

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Tubelight Could be best film Of Salman Khan:

Reason 1:  Salman Khan Characterization

One of the most anticipated film of this year is the Tubelight. As per the reports, Salman Khan is playing a person who is slow at grasping things and therefore he is tagged ‘Tubelight’ by the people around him. And also we will be seeing him in a militry man get up for the first time. This army man character is contradictory to his braveheart and macho man styled cop and spy avatars as we have been watching from few years in his past films. This particular characterization is the main key thing why fans are most excited and why it could be a highest grosser.

Reason 2: Salman Khan and Kabir Khan Collaboration

Kabir Khan already Delivered a Spy thriller in 2012 in the form of Ek Tha Tiger. It was a blockbuster film. After Ek Tha Tiger film Kabir Khan showed Salman Khan in non action hero oriented role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, It was massive hit. Now the same is happening, He is trying another Path breaking movie with a lead character role of fully different picturisation. After this film Salman Khan Will go way behind the actor.

Reason 3: Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu

Salman Khan pairs up with a Chinese actress for this film. He paired up with chinese actress Zhu Zhu for this film. The film is said to be a love story base set in the india china war backdrop. we can expect to see romantic moments as well as those of pain and emotional balanced moments. it will be a treat to see Salman Khan’s chemistry with this new actress. Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu make an interesting pair.

Reason 4: The ShahRukh Khan Factor

After more than a decade Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are uniting for a project. Ever since this news was out, there are so many expectations on how the scene is going to be. They were last seen together in the 2002 film Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam. After multiple fallouts, Salman and SRK stopped working together in films. But now, Shah Rukh Khan will appear in an important cameo role in Tubelight and one cannot help but imagine how the two will look together on screen.

Reason 5: Indo-China War

The Indian Pakistan issues were broadly highlighted in many Bollywood mainstream movies several times. But the Indo-China war has rarely been the backdrop of a Indian film. The one and only film to have the backdrop of Indo-China war is Chetan Anand’s Haqeeqat. Now Tubelight, story occurs in the backdrop of the war between India and China, It will hopefully make a great story line that has been ignored by indian filmmakers.

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